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Full Service Lab

We pride ourselves in being a full service lab and are pleased to provide you with a very diverse line of lenses, frames, and package pricing. We also know that many of you have finishing labs for your practice and we are capable of supplying those lenses for you as well.


Day One Goal

The goal for Avante Optics has been the same since 1992, to provide the best possible products and services at the lowest price possible. Unlike most optical labs, we do not have a tiered pricing system so everyone gets our best prices. We believe everyone deserves our best pricing possible.


Located In Phoenix

Avante Optics is a privately owned, wholesale optical lab located in the heart of Phoenix, AZ. Our company features a deep and varied stock of quality lenses on hand. Just like you, we seek out the best brands when it comes to lenses and frames. That is why we choose to work with local and nation-wide brands.

• We also offer custom laser engraving for frames and lenses •

Looking For A Personal Pair Of Lenses?

We have you covered


Thirty Five Years & Counting

Manuel Ochoa, President and owner, has over 35 years experience in the wholesale lens manufacturing business. He has dedicated his time in the industry to providing work in the most cost-effective and timely manner without sacrificing quality.

The Avante Optics structure has been 25 years in the making and as a full service optical lab we make it a point to provide a varied and widespread lens supply. Supporting the independent eye care professional is our mission; as an independent lab we understand the importance of personalized service and believe it is the foundation for not only our success but our customer’s success as well.